This website was originally built to inform our family members of our Prospecting Adventures. Others like you left comments and questions, so I decided to expand this site to also be informative for new prospectors as well as the seasoned.
We started Prospecting for Gold over 35 years ago using camping pans and a case of beer. We lost a lot of gold back then due to our inexperience, now we are well seasoned Prospectors armed with an arsenal of mining equipment, not even the smallest flake gets by our golden touch. So if youíre just starting out in your Gold adventures, take it slow. Buy used equipment, research the area and learn how gold travels in rivers and creeks. Do not throw out your black sand it may be loaded with micro gold. As country boys we started with any material lying around and built such things such as sluice boxes, highbankers, or dredging tools I could go on forever with what we have learned thru the years and just you being at this site is a great start. My friends this is called HOMEWORK!
We invite you to join in our adventures, to feel what we feel when you pan and pick out your first gold. This is not the Flu my friends, itís called
Welcome to the Miners Claim
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With your help and experience, we will try to make this site enjoyable, as well as informative, as possible. Any information that you would like to share with us and others would be welcome. Any suggestions about how to make this site work better for everyone would greatly be appreciated.
Please log into our forum and post your knowledge so you can climb the ladder of fame. You will start out as a Newbie Panner then advance the ranks to become the Ol Sour Dough.

As for now, the three of us are waiting for the sun to shine and the weather to warm so that we may enlighten you
with new adventures of our quest on the highly addictive hunt for GOLD.

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The Reiling Dredge, in French Gulch
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