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The author _______________ has made this information available to the masses on the web. In the process, he hopes to expose a lot of the rubbish that passes for "manufacturing secrets" touted by various outfits currently advertising in trade magazines, papers and on the web. Almost as onerous is the knee-jerk reaction of some otherwise intelligent persons, when words like "mercury" and "cyanide" are mentioned in the context of mining (usually translated as "the raping of mother earth"). With a little common sense and attention to detail anyone can use chemicals to recover metals in complete safety. It is the de-mystification of some basic chemistry to which this area is dedicated.

Here is some info on The Basement aspects of Cyanide Extraction

If Cyanide scares you too bad, here is how you can do the same thing with halides

Ever have trouble using charged mercury? Hate paying for it? This will solve both problems.

Recognize and extract metals from ore using a few common techniques.

An overview of assaying and smelting techniques.

Advanced techniques of quantitative analysis.

How to determine the concentration of cyanide in solution

Common sense information and precautions on the use of acids and bases in mining.

Clorox: What it is and how to make it

A short primer on dissolving common compounds.

The difference between...

Basement Chemistry for Prospectors
Cyanide Leaching
Halide Leaching and Recovery
All About Mercury
Black Sand, Tellurides and Sulfides
Assaying and Smelting
Colorimetric Assay of Gold
Determination of Free Cyanide in Solution
Acids and Bases
Super Clorox
Rules of Solubility
Melting and Smelting
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